Buy Email List for Direct Marketing

2021-04-19 20:12 #1

Email is a private way to contact your audience. And because it's a private message, relationships and interests have already been built up. The conversion rate could be higher compared to mainstream media due to low overhead and operating costs. In addition, email is easier to identify and analyze compared to written materials. The first step in buying business email lists for promotion is to select the right email list provider. You would need to buy lead lists ( to get useful advice from your prospective customers for your own brand. In this way, it will be easier for you to search for businesses, find contact persons and decision-makers, and negotiate your products and services.

2021-04-19 20:50 #2

Spam! Wo ist die Spam-melde-funktion?^^

(Oder ich biete ihm ein Säurefläschchen an... er kennt Robot nicht, vielleicht hält er es für irgendwas aus Starbucks und er löst sich auf wie eine Mauer?)